About Us

Cares children’s foundation

Welcome to cares children’s Organization

Founded 5 years ago,We all have a common goal – helping the marginalized children!


We’re a team of passionate humanitarians, striving to create lasting, sustainable change in the lives of those living in poverty. Since 2020, cares children’s foundation has helped very many children to reach their maximum potential.



To improve the quality of lives of children and youths who are critically needy through holistic empowerment and participatory education/training.



To create more empowered youth synergy in Masaka that contributes to building of peace, economy, nationalism and self reliance.



To see all orphans and Vulnerable Children in Masaka district and surrounding areas live a more fulfilling life and empower them to their full potential in life by 2026.




1- To create avenues for promotion of child participation rights.

2- To have a say in matters affecting their own lives,  

3- To work hand in hand with any other development actor for the good will of Vulnerable children in Masaka district in Uganda and surrounding communities. These include, linkage, networking, advocating for and lobbying on behalf of the said community with government actors, NGOs, Civil Organisations, and Donors any other local efforts geared towards the common good of Ssenyange and surrounding communities. 

4- To create avenues for economic empowerment for impoverished children.

5- To open, manage and sustain educational facilities such as schools, workshops, clubs that empower children, youths and their families  

6- To provide basic needs for vulnerable children and improve their living standards  

7- Provide opportunity for education to absolutely homeless, disadvantaged or displaced orphans and the destitute children in Uganda.



1- Parenting seminars and workshops 

2- Feeding programs.

3- Payment of school fees.

4- Medical support  

5- Psycho-social support and counseling.


Core values and beliefs;

Cares Children’s Foundation has the following values and beliefs;


(a) Trust

We strive for honesty and credibility at the heart of our work so as to earn 

the trust of those we serve and those who fund us. We value and trust 

those that walk the talk in the journey towards improving the lives of our 

target group. 


(b) Compassion

As members of Cares Children’s Foundation, we are driven by the zeal 

and desire to reach to others that are less fortunate.


(c) “Can do” Attitude;

We believe all human beings have assets, competencies and talents which 

when identified and effectively utilized can lead to long term positive 

change. The “can do” attitude is what drives creativity, innovation, positive 

change and makes people utilize their God given talents.


(d)Partnership and collaboration

We know and believe that no one can have all the resources and capacities 

to meet his or her needs and accomplish set goals. Through collaboration 

and partnership with individuals, families and communities are able to 

leverage the resources and compensate for what they do not have.


(e) Community contributions;

We believe that long lasting change occurs when people are willing to 

invest time,money assets, skills, competencies and social institutions in creating and sustaining the change they desire. All these are geared

towards helping communities to contribute towards their own growth.














Meet the Team

A word from the administrators

Doctor ZZIWA ARAFATI. Organization Chairperson

ASalamu alaikhum Ummah of prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

I founded cares children’s Organization 5 years ago with a mission of providing solutions to the suffering children. I started treating children who were brought to my clinic. Most of the children were homeless, orphans,needy and street children. With my little resources, I thought I will run bankrupt, All praise be to Allah, I can testify that charity doesn’t decrease some ones wealth. Dear brothers and sisters, it’s my humble appeal, let’s help those in need. We can join together for the betterment of akhira(afterlife) ASalamu alaikhum brothers and sisters.

Sheikhat Halimah Nakazibwe. Organization secretary

Beyond suffering and the ultimate tragedy of death, the children that do survive, often do so in ways that demeans and criminalizes themselves and brings suffering to others as well. The sad reality though, is that if a good and caring person is not there to provide what they need, who is? Pimps, child labor bosses, terrorists, rebel armies with child soldiers, child traffickers, even less – than- good- willed- relatives who want a personal slave. The end result is truly heartbreaking as many of the orphan children out there will die of starvation and issues related to malnutrition. They will die from preventable diseases. They will die at the hands of others and themselves. They will spend much of their life in jail. They will do harm to others and impact the world in a negative fashion. Let’s help the suffering children. May Allah bless you

Aidah Nanyonjo- Organization Treasurer.

I’m a muslim revert and I have just joined cares children’s Organization recently in 2019. I very glad that I’m on board helping the marginalized children.