Our Services

We have a wide range of services ranging from charity work, orphan sponsorship to volunteering

Sponsor Mulindwa Imran

With only 30$ a month, you can sponsor an orphan like Imran for a month.

Imran is currently staying with her grandmother. Her grandmother is a refugee from Democratic republic of Congo. Imran’s parents were killed by rebels on their way to Uganda. This is one of the night mares Mulindwa Imran can tell you. Sponsor him today to change his life.

Sponsor Nantaba Aisha

Nantaba Aisha’s father died in a car accident. She was left with her mother who is suffering from a chronic illnesses. Her mother can’t work to sustain their family. Help sponsor Aisha to change her life. We shall send you all the family background, photos and contacts.

Sponsor Sumayiyah

Sponsor Nassuna Sumayiyah. Sumayiyah is a refugee from Democratic republic of Congo. She is in custody of a refugee friend. Sumayiyah dreams to be a Doctor. Her another dream is to see her biological family again. Sponsor Sumayiyah to meet her dreams.

Sponsor Sarah

When Sarah’s father died, her mother lost their only source of income. It was a difficult and worrying time. Her mother was able to make a little money but not enough her to put adequate food on the table. Help Sarah live a colorful life.

Sponsor Francis

Access to food, healthcare, education, shelter and emotional support are the fundamentals every young child should have, but there are a number of children in communities around the world who are deprived of these very basic essentials. Francis is staying with her mentally ill single mum. Change his life today

Volunteer services

Through volunteering, we share skills and knowledge, we create a relationship bond with each other. Unfortunate children will be able to gain from you when you volunteer. More rewards and blessings from Allah awaits for you.